Austin 360 Photography Terms of Service Agreement

Licensing for Photos and Media

Welcome to Austin 360 Photography, where we offer professional photography and media services to showcase your property. Our licensing terms are as follows:

  1. License to Use Photos and Media: Purchasing photos, video footage, or any other media content from us grants you a license to use these materials for marketing and promoting your property or business. The content itself remains the property of Austin 360 Photography.
  2. Non-Transferability of License: The license is exclusive to you and cannot be transferred. If you sell a property, you cannot transfer the photos, videos, or any media content to the new owner. They will need to obtain their own license from us.
  3. Prohibited Use of Media Content: Selling, redistributing, or using our media content for profit beyond direct marketing of your property is not allowed. This includes uploading to image or video selling platforms.
  4. Separate License for Stakeholders: Other stakeholders requiring use of the media content must purchase their own license. Pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  5. No Sales Tax on Licenses: In Texas, licenses are not subject to sales tax, as the charge is for the right to use the media content.

Appointment and Service Policies

To ensure smooth and efficient service delivery, please note the following policies:

  1. Same-Day Cancellation Fee: Confirmed appointments canceled on the same day as the scheduled shoot will incur a minimum cancellation fee of $125.
  2. Additional Edit Requests: Requests for additional edits are subject to a fee. Edit requests have a 24-hour turnaround time.
  3. Property Access: We require unassisted access to the property. This can be arranged via an unlocked door, Supra, combination lock, key under mat, etc. We recommend that no one be present during the photoshoot for efficiency and safety.
  4. Photographing Property As Is: Upon arrival, the property will be photographed in its current state. Please ensure all lights are on, blinds are open, fans are off, and cars are removed from the driveway. The property should be prepped and ready as we will not move or stage items. For a complete prep list click here.
  5. Additional Time Charges: Extra time spent on-site may result in additional fees.
  6. Preparation of Property: Please declutter and remove unnecessary items, including moving trash cans out of sight, before our arrival.
  7. 3D Tours and Major Bundles: For 3D tours, Matterport, or major bundle services, all parties must vacate the premises during the shoot.

Media Backup and Storage Policy

We use Google Drive and for backup and storage:

  1. Backup Duration: We offer a 30-day backup service post-delivery. Your media will be securely stored and available upon request during this period.
  2. After 30 Days: Post 30 days, we are not responsible for the backup of your media.
  3. Personal Backup Recommended: For long-term storage and security, we recommend you create your own backup copies.
  4. Responsibility for Photo Storage: While we work to keep all photos backed up, we are not responsible for long-term storage of photos. Please ensure you download and store your photos in a safe location.

Matterport Scans and Hosting

Our Matterport 3D scans service includes:

  1. One Year of Hosting: Your scans will be hosted online for one year from the date of service.
  2. Changes in Hosting Fees: Hosting fees may change annually based on rates from We will inform you of any changes.
  3. Renewal Options: After the first year, continued hosting is available for a fee, based on current rates.

Acceptance of Terms

By using the services of Austin 360 Photography, you agree to these terms. We are committed to providing high-quality services with transparent policies. For any inquiries or further information, reach out to us at or call (512) 515.3999.

Payment Terms:

All payments for services rendered by Austin 360 Photography are due at the time of order unless prior payment arrangements have been made. Clients who have a payment method on file with us will be billed upon the delivery of finished photos. Additional items or edits requested after the initial order will result in further charges to the payment method on file. Austin 360 Photography accepts all major credit cards and Bitcoin as forms of payment.