TCEQ sets public hearing on South Llano River dam after outcry

South Llano River

A public hearing on the permit application for the construction of a private recreational dam across the South Llano River is expected to be held in summer 2023. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

A public hearing on a permit application for the construction of a private recreational dam on the South Llano River is set for the summer of 2023, according to the Llano River Watershed Alliance. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reportedly responded to an inquiry from the office of state Rep. Andrew Murr of District 53 after alliance officials reached out for help.

Waterstone Creek LLC is requesting a permit to build the dam, which would impound 12.02 acre-feet of water, across the south fork of the Llano River in Edwards County. Opposition to the dam swelled in June of this year when communities and counties along the river officially opposed the permit application and requested public hearings with the TCEQ.

An alliance newsletter posted on Nov. 15 contained a statement from correspondence between Murr’s office and TCEQ representatives:

“The TCEQ is planning to hold a public meeting on this application. Due to the number of contested applications we currently have pending that are in line ahead of this application, we are anticipating that the public meeting will be held in summer 2023. There will be notice of the public meeting and we will make sure to work with your office.”

The Llano River Watershed Alliance is a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of the Llano River. An entire page of the alliance’s website is currently devoted to informing the public on the Waterstone Creek permit application and how to file a public comment with the TCEQ

The TCEQ is the regulating body for public water use in Texas. Approval or permitting through the organization is required for projects such as dam construction.

The watershed alliance created a petition opposing the Waterstone Creek dam application. As of Wednesday, Nov. 16, it had over 1,300 signatures.


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