NEW BIZ: 24-hour Cefco gas station planned for Marble Falls

Cefco store site in Marble Falls

The site of a new 24-hour Cefco gas station and convenience store across from the PEC building (background) on U.S. 281 at Resource Parkway in Marble Falls. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

The Marble Falls City Council approved a plat for a new gas station and convenience store during its regular meeting Tuesday, Jan. 3. Located on U.S. 281 and Resource Parkway, the Cefco filling station will have pumps for passenger vehicles and semi-trucks and will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over $100,000 of public improvements will be made in conjunction with construction of the station. As part of the public improvement agreement, site developers will extend a sewer line to an adjacent property, build public sidewalks along U.S. 281 and Resource Parkway, and create an additional lane for truck traffic on Resource Parkway.

During the meeting, councilors grappled with the possible risks the gas station could pose to drivers on U.S. 281. One major concern was Cefco customers attempting to turn left onto the highway when leaving the filling station.

“My only thought process here is you’re on a high-speed area on (U.S.) 281 and you’ve got a light right there,” Councilor Dave Rhodes said. “I would hate to see left-turn capability. You’ve got to go across seven or eight lanes.”

The station will have a right-turn only lane for its U.S. 281 exit, project civil engineer Jason Link assured Rhodes. In addition, a deceleration lane will be placed in front of the property on U.S. 281 to further ensure driver safety.

Councilors were also concerned the new filling station could have a negative impact on the city’s Business and Technology Park, located on Resource Parkway. The city created the park as a development designed to attract new businesses. 

“I’m assuming (developers) will manage lane closures when they’re expanding Resource (Parkway), but other than that, I think it’s a benefit long term for the park,” Marble Falls EDC Executive Director Christian Fletcher told the council.

Cefco, a national gas station chain, has more than 200 stores in six states. The company is headquartered in Temple.


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