MFVFD Captain Thomas Jacobs named 2022 Firefighter of the Year

Marble Falls Volunteer Fire Department Captain Thomas Jacobs was chosen as 2022 Firefighter of the Year during the organization’s annual Christmas Party in December. Courtesy photo

The Marble Falls Volunteer Fire Department chose Captain Thomas Jacobs as their 2022 Firefighter of the Year during a write-in vote at the annual Christmas Party. Jacobs has been a volunteer firefighter for 11 years. He began in Cottonwood Shores, but soon moved to the Marble Falls department.

“The firefighters look for someone who has leadership qualities, who, when he goes to calls, establishes what needs to be done quickly and sets up the scene,” Fire Chief Michael Phillips said. “A lot of it also has to do with back at the station when we are not on a call. Someone who determines what needs to be done to put equipment back together and takes time on his own to do things at the station.”

Jacobs fits that bill to a T, Phillips said.

In the field, Phillips pointed to three different incidents he recalled when Jacobs was first to the scene and instrumental in directing the action.

“He started the calls off, he was able to make the scene safer,” Phillips said. “Him being there helped that situation out.”

Jacobs is a family man who works for the maintenance department at Marble Falls Independent School District. He and his wife Nikki have been married for 22 years and have three children, Savannah, 24; Shelbi, 16; and Will, 15. They also have two grandchildren. He brings his love of family and community to the fire department.

“I love giving back to the community, helping people in need,” he said when asked why he was a volunteer firefighter. “I love the brother- and sisterhood, the sense of family. And I like the excitement, too.”

Captain for three years, Jacobs was grateful for the support of his fellow firefighters.

“It’s awesome to be in the presence of these men and women and to have the chief that we have,” he said. “Without Chief Phillips, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

He thanked his family for the support they give to his outside job and to the firefighters who chose him.

“I want to thank my fellow firefighters for believing in me and trusting me and allowing me to continue guiding them and coaching them,” he said. “I love being in Marble Falls. I love the community and I look forward to serving Marble Falls for many more years to come.”


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