Marble Falls High School scores new board for baseball

Marble Falls baseball scoreboard

The old baseball scoreboard at Marble Falls High School will see its last season this coming spring as the Board of Trustees voted Monday, Nov. 14, to approve the purchase and installation of a new board. Because of supply chain issues, the new one might not be installed until after the school year or sometime in the summer. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell

The Marble Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the purchase of a new scoreboard for the high school baseball stadium in a 4-0 vote during its regular meeting Monday, Nov. 14. Board President Kevin Naumann and trustees Gary Boshears and Mandy McCary were absent from the meeting.

Talks about replacing the high school baseball stadium scoreboard have been ongoing for over a year as the MFISD administration identifies worthy projects for excess bond funds.

“That’s a scoreboard that, during multiple games last year, wasn’t functioning,” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jeff Gasaway during his presentation to the board on why the old one should be replaced. “We didn’t know what the runs were. We didn’t know how many outs there were.”

Initially, quotes for a new scoreboard were over $40,000. After working with high school baseball coach Tyler Porter to ensure the new one addressed the program’s needs, the board decided  $28,000 would be enough to fund it.

“One of the things I want to highlight is this wasn’t something where administration was doing something without consulting the coach or vice versa,” Gasaway said. “The last one that was purchased was done so without consulting the maintenance department.”

The district opted to purchase a Daktronics scoreboard on the recommendation of MFISD Director of Maintenance Michael Phillips.

“We’ve got quite a bit of knowledge with Daktronics,” Phillips said. “We also don’t have as much repair money going toward Daktronics boards as we do Spectrum boards at this time.”

Gasaway was hesitant to provide a concrete timeline for the delivery and installment of the replacement scoreboard.

“With the supply issues we’ve seen from other products we’ve purchased, realistically, we should be looking at a late school year or summer installment,” he said.


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