Freezing holiday weekend ahead

Central Texas freeze February 2021

A wooden Texas flag nailed to an ice-covered fence on the Willow City Loop near Llano during the big snow in February 2021. The Highland Lakes’ 2022 holiday forecast calls for temperatures in the teens. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

Temperatures in the Highland Lakes are expected to drop well below freezing on Thursday, Dec. 22. The cold snap should last through the Christmas holiday weekend, with lows only rising above freezing on Monday, Dec. 26.

Daytime highs will range from around freezing on Friday to the high 40s on Saturday. Monday’s highs should reach the high 50s. 

Thursday night temperatures could fall as low as 12 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are also expected to dip into the 20s in the evenings. No precipitation is in the forecast.

Llano County Emergency Management Coordinator Gilbert Bennett told that residents should be prepared for multiple freezing nights. Tips include insulating exposed pipes and spigots, letting faucets drip overnight, learning how to shut off your water before it freezes, and having extra drinking water available.

He also emphasized the importance of knowing how to properly stay warm and avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning. 

“We’ve had some tragedies happen where people try to heat themselves in poorly ventilated spaces,” Bennett said.

Don’t use fume-emitting sources like fire, propane stoves, car engines, or generators while you are indoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Fumes from these types of heating sources can be deadly if you’re exposed to them in a confined space for prolonged periods.

Have firewood, propane, gasoline, or any necessary fuel on hand to stay warm, heat up food, or operate equipment. Make sure pets have warm shelters, too, and check on neighbors, especially the elderly.


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