Business begins for Lake Buchanan Communities Alliance

Lake Buchanan Communities Alliance

The newly formed Lake Buchanan Communities Alliance brought together dozens of Lake Buchanan residents in Llano in September after the Lower Colorado River Authority proposed lease price hikes for property owners’ associations. The LBCA will hold its first regular meeting on Jan. 23. File photo

The Lake Buchanan Communities Alliance holds its first-ever regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 23, in the Lakeshore Branch Library, 7346 RR 261 in Buchanan Dam. It will focus on organizing new members, addressing goals, and delving into Lower Colorado River Authority issues.

The LBCA formed in September 2022 when leadership from property owners’ and homeowners’ associations around Lake Buchanan came together to discuss a strategy for dealing with sudden LCRA lease price hikes. After further meetings, the alliance expanded its goals to provide a larger voice for underrepresented communities around the lake.

Regular meetings will be held on the fourth Monday of each month, January through October.

Membership applications will be accepted on site, but anyone can attend the meetings. Regular memberships will be offered to property owners’ associations, civic organizations, and businesses in the Lake Buchanan area. Associate memberships may be granted to others.

Annual dues are set at $100 for regular members and $50 for associate members. Regular members will have full voting and speaking rights; associate members will have full speaking rights.

“We’re definitely excited,” alliance Secretary Marci O’Brien told “Our main goal is to be a bigger voice for all the small neighborhoods and maybe even small businesses in the area.”

Contact the Lake Buchanan Communities Alliance with questions at 512-775-3689, 512-769-3872, or


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