Burnet County Sheriff’s Office holding night-fire exercises

Residents near FM 963 just outside of the Burnet city limits might hear gunfire at night for the next two weeks. The Burnet County Sheriff’s Office will be holding a four-session firearms training, part of a yearly qualification.

A Sheriff’s Office statement Tuesday, Dec. 6, acknowledged that the night-fire exercises might cause alarm.

“We apologize for the noise, but the reality of law enforcement is that most officer-involved shootings occur in reduced lighting conditions,” the statement reads. “We owe it to our deputies and to the public to train for this reality.”

The sessions are expected to end near 8 p.m., but a hard cutoff is set for 9 p.m. at the latest.

“If the first time you’re shooting at night is on the job, that can be stressful,” Sheriff Calvin Boyd told DailyTrib.com. “We want our guys to be well-trained and spend a lot of time at the range.”

Boyd said his office intentionally schedules night-fire exercises in the winter because of earlier sunsets, allowing training to finish before it gets too late and disturbs nearby residents.

For questions or concerns regarding the training, call the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office at 512-756-8080.



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